Indoor and outdoor type sheet steel fabricated, free standing, front or rear accessibility, cable or bus duct connections are supplied complete with air circuit breaker, molded case circuit breakers, load break switches, necessary meters, relays and instruments etc. Breakers of either fixed or draw- out versions can be supplied as required. Switchgear panels are extensible on both sides:


These panels are used for power factor correction and manufactured as indoor units with fixed or automatic capacitor switching. The panel is designed to align and couple with LT distribution panels. If requested, reactor can be used to eliminate unwanted harmonics. The components used are highly robust and reliable.

  • Microprocessor based control unit with built- in P.F. meters, user friendly programmable parameters (sequence, C/K, switching delay etc).

  • Adequately rated air break contactors in series with HRC fuses.

  • Self-healing internally protected dry type capacitors, having very low loses and related for 1.1 x Un and 1.3 x ln.

These panels are manufactured at various power levels as indoor units. These units vary in size and power level. The height of different sized compartments in multiple of common dimensions. Interlocks, covers, etc. are provided to prevent incorrect or unsafe operation and to prevent access to live parts. The bus bars are the top of the assembly and are contained with in segregated chambers. The riser bars also run within a segregated chamber. These units are used at command and control system. Repair and maintenance can be carried out on a withdraw able unit without interrupting power to the other units.

These distribution boards are manufactured in different power and sizes according to customer’s requirement.

We at ENERGIA develop and fabricate low-voltage bus duct systems in air-insulated, non-segregated construction. Our bus duct design meets the required voltage, ampere and fault level rating.

Copper bus bar is sized in accordance with the specified ratings to operate with in IEC temperature rise limits. Joints are tine-plated. Provision for the bus expansion is furnished is required by the configuration and length of each system. Flexible connections are provided at the transformer and to observe the vibration. Adequate bus supports are furnished to suit the electrical and mechanical requirements specified for each installation. Enclosure up to 3200A rating is made of the sheet steel while above 3200A (up to6000A), nonmagnetic aluminum encloses are used to eliminate hysteresis loses. The enclosure is of self-ventilating design.

ENERGIA other LV switchgear products include the following.

  • ATS/AMF Panels.

  • AC/DC auxiliary services panels.

  • Control desks.

  • Distribution boards for power as well as lighting.

  • Feeder pillars.

  • Any other special requirement.